Leadership Development

Leadership development is an essential piece of any athlete striving for excellence. In SWD, we take this ideology and offer leadership opportunities in concentrated efforts through all the committees and events we organize. In everything student-athletes pursue through our office, they are only limited by their initiative and creativity.

Student-Athlete Advisory Council
The Student-Athlete Advisory Council gives student-athletes an opportunity to effectively communicate with the athletic department administrators and faculty while providing suggestions and feedback on programs designed to serve student-athlete needs. SAAC is used as a forum to likewise bring student-athletes together to further strengthen the community they have amongst each other as they move through this University.
For more information on Student-Athlete Advisory Council, contact Claire VeNard at (574) 631-5548 or through email

  • IrishOn3 is a project that was created by the Student Athlete Advisory Council and the Student Welfare and Development office. The purpose of the project is to encourage and reward student-athletes for supporting each other, across all sports, through the attendance of various sporting events. Find more information here.

Rosenthal Leadership Academy
The Rosenthal Leadership Academy offers workshops for student-athletes to impart skills, insights, and strategies necessary to create and sustain effective leadership.
For more information on Rosenthal Leadership Academy, contact Mike Harrity at 574-631-9367 or through email.

Notre Dame Christian Athletes seeks to provide Notre Dame student-athletes with a welcome place of refuge to inspire spiritual growth and community through a relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information on Notre Dame Christian Athletes, contact Johnathan Franklin at (574) 631-1216 or through email.

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