Rosenthal Leadership Academy


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Develop and enhance strong leadership on Notre Dame athletic teams by providing targeting emerging and existing leaders with progressive annual programming.

Notre Dame is a unique institution with a distinctive population of student-athletes. Programming specifics and logistics are developed in conjunction with administration and coaches, considering unique needs.

A student-athlete is nominated through a peer nomination process, after which the final roster is developed with the consultation of coaches and support staff.

Below is a video recap from the overnight Fall 2014 Retreat our leaders attended. Enjoy!

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Fall 2014.

Targeted Growth Areas

Self-Awareness: personal values clarification, personality strengths, areas for growth, influence of life experiences on leadership style

Commitment to Institutional and Team Goals: investment in task-oriented behaviors, institutional involvement and engagement, taking ownership and empowering teammates in pursuit of team goals

Empathy and Perspective Taking: social support, concern for team welfare, altruistic behavior, emotional and social intelligence

Skill Building: communication skills, problem-solving skills, democratic behaviors

The Rosenthal Leadership Academy is composed of an advisory council, leadership workshops, and leadership retreats.